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What is a counterfeit part?

Counterfeit (non-genuine) parts are products that use a brand name or copy a model illegally. These are products that, when sold, defraud the customer.

Why are counterfeit parts dangerous?

Most people are attracted to counterfeit parts because of their low price, but in reality they pay more in the long run. Using counterfeit parts puts your safety at risk because of the poor quality of these parts.

In addition, the use of counterfeit parts significantly reduces the life of the vehicle. Counterfeit parts not only fail, they can also cause other vehicle components to fail or be damaged in a short time.

Did you know ?

• Having counterfeit parts can cause you to lose the warranty on the maintenance and services your vehicle has.

• With genuine parts, under optimal conditions, the braking distance of a vehicle is 68 metres at 110km/h. In various tests carried out by car manufacturers to compare the performance of quality brakes that meet the manufacturing standards and the performance of counterfeit brakes, this braking distance could double(1).

• Already 20 years ago, 80% of companies surveyed in Africa indicated that counterfeiting was among the most pressing problems facing economic operators.

• Counterfeiting is also detrimental to the country's economy. Some local laws provide for prison sentences and fines for counterfeiting offences. 

 (1) Studies conducted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in 2005


Several studies show that a proportion of consumers realize that the part they have purchased is counterfeit only when an incident occurs. This is especially true as it is increasingly difficult to visually differentiate a counterfeit part from a genuine part. As a result, the fight against counterfeit parts is becoming more and more important, and it is therefore important to enhance customer information and awareness of genuine vs counterfeit parts.


To this end, you will find all the information concerning the difference between Toyota Genuine parts and Non-Genuine Toyota Parts  in the brochure below. 




Become an actor in this fight by being vigilant and testing your knowledge on the subject through a game of differences, and, at the same time, try to win a prize for your Toyota! #ILoveMyToyota