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Our mission

 Toyota Rwanda is dedicated and committed to offer Value For Money to all our Customers and instill pride of Toyota Brand ownership

Our core values:

    Passionate & Self-Managed Staff

        - We do what is right with honesty and truthfulness.

        - We make commitments with care and do our best to deliver on our promises.

        - We are hardworking, efficient and responsible.

    Customer for Life

        - We respect our Customers’ needs and feedback

    Continuous Process Improvement

        - We act on customer feedback to improve our processes for better service delivery

        - We continuously challenge ourselves to improve services

Our vision

To be the automotive company of choice in Rwanda, Toyota Rwanda will lead the way in supplying safe and reliable vehicles. Through our commitment to quality, constant innovation and respect for the environment, we aim to exceed expectations. 

Our performance

Our customers have a choice, and how we perform determines whether they choose us. We aim high, set ambitious goals and strive to deliver results. We use customer feedback to improve our service delivery. 

Our innovation

We are a company of ideas that are nurtured by a commitment for continuous Improvement.

We seek and share ideas openly, and encourage diversity of experience and opinion.

Our services

At Toyota Rwanda we service and maintain your Toyota in line with the manufacturer's standards and recommendations. Toyota knows your car better than anyone else – We designed it, We produced it and We have trained technicians in Toyota Rwanda to take care of your car. 

Genuine Parts

Toyota Rwanda provides a wide range of genuine parts. This includes service, maintenance, electrical, body, suspension and drive train parts. We have also introduced a comprehensive range of accessories including bull bars, winches and other accessories. 


10 reasons why use Genuine Parts

    Toyota Genuine Parts are designed with precision and attention to detail to achieve outstanding levels of fit and function, making a significant contribution to your Toyota’s value and integrity.

    Toyota Genuine Parts undergo extensive testing to comply with all recognised regulatory, safety and environmental requirements.

    Through continuous investments in research and development and cutting edge technology, Toyota Genuine Parts are guaranteed to provide superior quality, reliability and durability.

    Toyota dealers make use of advanced parts catalogue systems to ensure the part supplied is applicable to your specific vehicle, taking the risk of using the incorrect part out of the equation.

    Toyota Genuine Parts are covered by warranty and are the only replacement parts that will not impact the validity of your Toyota’s manufacturer’s warranty.

    Toyota vehicles are designed with quality and safety in mind. Using Genuine Toyota parts will ensure these standards are upheld.

    Toyota Genuine Parts represent value for money - They are affordable.

    Toyota Genuine Parts do not have to be replaced at the same frequency as non-genuine parts - In the long term resulting in being more cost effective.

    Using non genuine parts could affect the functioning of other vehicle components and result in a much higher running cost over a period of a few years.

    Toyota Rwanda provides a specialized and dedicated parts team that offers professional advice tailored to your vehicle.


Each Toyota Genuine Part is designed to deliver peak performance to your vehicle. The use of non-genuine parts may affect the validity of your warranty. At Toyota Rwanda, we only sell Genuine Parts. 




Warranty Conditions

All the conditions of the warranty period are detailed in the warranty booklet and maintenance provided to each customer during delivery of the vehicle in Toyota Rwanda dealerships.
Your new vehicle is covered * 3 years / 100 000 km, the first of two terms reached.

Maintenance Packages

Quality Service

At Toyota Rwanda we service and maintain your Toyota in line with the manufacturer's standards and recommendations. For your peace of mind and convenience, we offer:

Periodic Maintenance/Servicing
Mechanical and electrical repairs
Air conditioning system maintenance
Tyre care i.e. replacement, puncture repairs, rotation and wheel balancing
Wheel alignment
Electronic diagnosis
Battery health check, charging and replacement

What’s more for you? You can also get

Early bird reception as from 8:00am
Appointment confirmation prior to your visit
Accurate quotation with no hidden cost

For your Toyota we offer;

Use of Toyota genuine parts
Toyota trained technicians
Toyota approved diagnostic equipment
Use of genuine accessories
Toyota approved latest repair techniques
Car Wash & Vacuum

Recall Campaign

With a constant concern for quality, transparency and complete satisfaction of its customers, TOYOTA organizes a safety recall campaign concerning the passenger or driver airbags of certain models.

Certain types of airbag inflator system produced by the TAKATA supplier present a risk of moisture absorption, which may lead to an abnormal deployment of the driver or passenger front airbags in the event of an accident.

The affected models are: YARIS, produced between 2006 and 2013 - COROLLA, produced between 2003 and 2016 - AVENSIS, produced between 2003 and 2008 - RAV4, produced between 2003 and 2005 - HILUX and FORTUNER, produced between 2005 and 2015.

The recall operation consists in replacing the front driver or passenger airbag inflator.

This intervention is absolutely free of charge for the customer.

We invite you to contact directly our after-sales service to check if your vehicle is affected by this campaign. An appointment will be proposed as soon as possible to carry out the intervention in our workshops.




Check if your vehicle is part of the recall campaign by searching by VIN*

*Where can I find my VIN number?

Your vehicle's VIN number appears on your vehicle's registration papers.

You will see a 17-character long number with numbers and letters: this is the VIN number.

This code is also present at least in two locations on your vehicle:

§ The windshield, bottom left

§ The manufacturer plate: it can be marked cold, engraved or punched on the engine. Sometimes it is printed on a label, itself attached to the engine.

§ Inside the car: at different locations, such as the floor or trunk

Search by


Trade-in your Current car and walk awaay with a brand new car. 


Conditions to qualify for Trade-In:

• The customers must be planning to replace the traded-In vehicle immediately with a new one.

• Toyota Rwanda will carry out an evaluation before a trade-In offer is made to the customer.

• Once the customer accepts the trade-In value, the Customer must then proceed to make  payment of the difference based on the quotation of a new vehicle.

• First cost of evaluation will be taken up by Toyota Rwanda but if the evaluation expires  and the customer wants to carry out another evaluation then the customer will own the cost.


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